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But when Siberia and America were not divided yet, ancestors of their modern people a little than differed in the genetic relation. Archeologists found many parking, the dispersion in estimates of time is rather great, but nevertheless average date for these parking about 25 thousand years ago. At that time there was a historical division of the people of Siberia and America.

Representing a uniform sort and perhaps a look, Homo sapiens is subdivided into the lowest taxonomical groups races of different orders located in hierarchical sequence is similar (but it is not identical) to divisions of the lowest taxonomical groups in biology. Allocating racial groups of different orders,

As initial stage of formation of ethnoses it is possible to consider an era of formation of language. Growth of number of tribes inevitably led to communication with other tribes. As a result of interaction or one tribe forced out another, or merged with it. Language of stronger tribe became usually common language, but happened and so that the alien tribe learned language of owners.

It is reduced to need to consider a rasoobrazovaniye as the process recognizing that the face of the earth was formed as a result of difficult historical development of the racial groups evolving, which were mixing up, disappearing, etc.

Blossoming of the early Iron Age everywhere in Eurasia and in the Far East. Only the extreme northeast still stays in the Stone Age concerning material culture. All way of life of these tribes and type of their dwelling remained close to a way of life of pioneers of Siberia – hunters on mammoths and other large animals of a glacial era.