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The purpose of agronomical chemistry - creation of the best conditions a of plants taking into account knowledge of properties of different types and forms of, features of their interaction with the soil, definition effective forms, ways, terms of use of fertilizers. as science develops extremely fast rates. It is defined by inquiries of practice, need constantly to efficiency of crops on the basis of growth of use of mineral and organic fertilizers, improvement of a of cultivation of crops, achievement of selection and other sciences.

The sum of the exchange bases of the humic horizons makes 29,24-35,68 mg-ekv./100 of of the soil, 77,48-91,35%, and exchange magnesium - 31-21,79% fall to the share of exchange calcium. Exchange sodium makes 0,73-1,74%.

In collective farm there are also field and irrigated crop rotations with cultivation of grain, leguminous, forage and commercial crops. The profile of economy in the near future will not change. In this work are considered only a crop rotation in nursery under which 70 hectares of the farmland are taken away.

The collective farm on the specialization is fruit and berry economy, with the developed animal husbandry (in particular sheep breeding), the part of grounds is taken away for nursery. Its main areas are occupied with the orchards consisting generally of various grades of apple-trees, and berry-pickers where cultivate wild strawberry. Also in gardens cultivate a pear, cherry, currant, raspberry and other cultures.

Land use of collective farm "Victory" is presented by the uniform land massif extended from the North on the South on 8 km and from the West on the East on 7 km. The land relief is presented by the plain and slabopology slopes to 3 °.