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The opinion is widespread that in market economy pricing is not regulated. However such representation is wrong. First, there is a system of self-regulation of the prices when any overestimate of the prices, as a rule, is not favorable first of all to the producer. He is interested in optimization of price level to have warranties of sale of the production and strong positions in the market not only today, but also in the long term. Secondly, even in the countries with the developed market economy the regulating impact on processes of pricing is made by the state.

Bodies of regulation of natural monopolies make the decision on application of methods of regulation of rather specific subject of natural monopoly on the basis of the analysis of its activity taking into account their stimulating role in improvement of quality of the made (realized) goods and in satisfaction of demand for them.

During historical development the economic device of many countries underwent profound changes. The free market of separate producers was succeeded by the organized market which united various economic ways in uniform economic system of the country.

The market mechanism as shows experiment of many countries, conducts to essential economic recovery, but at the same time is followed by recessions and crises which can slow down development of economy. Therefore the state seeks to develop such market mechanism that fluctuations in the market did not lead to destructive consequences in economy.

inclusion in the cost of services of actually outstanding works or executed in the incomplete volume considered in costs of these services, and also use of the prices coordinated on complete production by delivery of incomplete production;

Every possible strengthening of mechanisms of market system. This encouragement of small business, diversification of production and sales, weakening of customs and other restrictions on import of import production, systematic control of a condition of the markets, suppression of monopolistic behavior, etc.