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Mares uterus during the stall period contain, as in stalls separately, and a group way in halls with filling to 50 heads. The whole light day of a mare in not sluchny the period in at the konyushenny yard, and in the sluchny ambassador of morning feeding and cleaning is spent test on hunting and copulation, for part of mares copulation is carried out in the evening. A day before a vyzherebka of mares transfer to stalls. During the pasturable period of a mare together with foals are on a summer pasture.

The natural vegetation remained in the woods, the floodplain of the rivers, on ravines and beams. The grassy vegetation of waterless valleys is presented by raznotravno-polevitsivy, raznotravno-cereal and myatlikovy types.

All number of cattle is placed in standard four-row cowsheds. The young growth is in the adapted rooms at big density. Milking, feeding of animals, and also removal of manure are mechanized.

Already now demand for production of plant constantly grows. Not only representatives of the best sports schools of the country seek to get young horses of Starozhilovsky of plant, but also foreign athletes and konnozavodchik show to them a particular interest. The horses who are grown up in Starozhilovsky konzavod are got willingly by representatives of the German, Italian and Finnish firms. Requests for them all arrive. Recently the close attention was paid to horses of plant by our firms which are engaged in realization of horses abroad.