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Therefore, emergence of requirements at individual and specific development of a live organism contacts its functioning, all complex of processes of its activity. That is requirements are connected with the objective essence of an organism created in the course of evolution and express internal need of change of such conditions of an organism which satisfaction is objectively inevitable for normal activity of the last. Biological requirements are result, therefore, of the natural processes of self-updating and self-reproduction which are continuously going in an organism, and therefore they also are considered as the objective determining factor of biological activity.

What are connected with economic activity of society, the separate enterprises and branches, and also individuals as carriers of requirements treat economic means of formation of requirements. The basic from these means are: production of the goods, especially new which brings to life and forms needs for them; progressive changes of so-called infrastructure of consumption (for example gasification and electrification of life, development of highways, computer networks, and other means of communication which connect inhabitants of different areas, and simplify information transfer. It influences both consumers, and their way of life in general.

In the analysis of category of activity we noted that human activity is directed on satisfaction of needs of people that the system of activity of society eventually serves satisfaction of system of social requirements.

There are set of methods and factors of formation of requirements. Business people beginning activity directed on work with society need to study in detail objective factors of formation of requirements of this society, differently they can become the victims of the defects.

It is well-known that at research of process of social development K. Marx and F. Engels proceeded from this that initial prerequisites of human history are real people with their requirements and their activity that already material communication of people among themselves which is caused by way of production and requirements from the very beginning is found and is also old as people, communication which takes all new forms and represents history

It generally advertizing, the means of promotion and propaganda applied by the press, radio, television, means of the Internet, and also the industry, trade, cultural institutions, education health care etc.

the concrete and sociological analysis of all real richness of interrelations between any and a look needs of the person and the corresponding kinds of activity, in particular, undertake vigorous researches of ethical and esthetic needs of social subjects.

Emphasizing the defining role of production, material activity in formation and development of needs of the person, K. Marx and F. Engels at the same time noted fundamental value of human wants in the movement of historical process. They showed that satisfied and developed by means of production, as well as again formed in the course of work, needs of people again conduct to the activity capable to satisfy them.