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Most often Rocks sings not about cloudless happiness, and about dramatic nature of this feeling. And in drama love situations his heroes conduct always adequately and courageously. They never show to the passion, do not boast of love.

Programs were put on a divirtismentny sign and first of all consisted of the songs sung by Utesov. And in them the songs from former repertoire making special success at listeners even more often sounded.

This program became really turn in Utesov's destiny. Newspapers wrote: "Tea-dzhaz - the cheerfulness car... Literally you ventilate tired brains, having received a portion utesovsky Tea-dzhaza. The speeded-up rhythm and speed corresponds rough prompt rate of our life".

If to speak about platform signs: openness, conviviality, brevity were always present at creativity of these people. In the creativity Raikin lifted subjects of moral education of the person, convicting and deriding immemorial defects - nonsense, greed, a timeserving, Rocks - singing and glorifying the person of work.