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- Many routine library processes are automated: reception – deliveries of literature, the accounting of indicators of work of library, the accounting of zadolzhnik and listing of letters by it, are facilitated processes of the current completing and a dokomplektovaniye. Thus time for creative communication with readers is released.

For forty with superfluous years of the existence the Center became one of the largest high school ­ Kyrgyzstan which book fund about 500000 copies. The part it - 70% is made by an educational. Now the book fund itself meeting of domestic and foreign literature on power, mechanical engineering, an, the computer facilities, and light industry natural and the humanities. There is a big fund of art and foreign literature. interest represents fund of theses, teachers of university, and a scientific works of staff of university.

Auditor standards are uniform basic principles to which all auditors (auditor firms) in the course of the professional activity have to follow. Observance of auditor standards in the course of implementation of auditor activity guarantees a certain level of quality of audit and reliability of its results.

The main objective and function of scientific library was and is high-quality library and bibliographic service of readers all available printing materials for the purpose of increase of efficiency educational and pedagogical and scientifically - research activity of institute.