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Morflot provides for transportation and service of tourists of court, completed with crew, supplied with all necessary and being in the state conforming to requirements and standards of the Sea Register. Change of bed linen in cabins of travelers is made at least 1 time in 7 days. It is included in the service price.

Systems of coastal service with use of the Multimedia programs take root. For example, the tourist Maritel program created by the Greek computer company "Hitec": "Mooring - hotels - restaurants" is intended especially for coastal service of cruises.

Types of cruises. In general for the organization of cruise trips of the most widespread (to b0%) the classical European system which provides voyage with calling various ports with the excursion program is.

The organization of all cultural and leisure, entertaining work in ports of call and other actions for tourists onboard the vessel and ashore is carried out by the tourism organization renting the vessel. The responsible representative of tourism organization onboard the vessel is the head of cruise (the head of a sea tourist route, the head sea round.

The structure of needs of tourists which is the cornerstone of the tourist program, showing is reflected in the scheme that the organization of rounds on rest has to consider such factors as the vacation spot, prestige or, on the contrary, economy of means, and also age of tourists; at the organization of business trips and shop tours special value has location of the country of tourism, and for tours for the purpose of training the analysis of age structure of tourists also is added to the last.