Essay On C2 Level Writing

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To process results of measurements of electric parameters of channels, i.e. to lead them to the view convenient for comparison with norm of this parameter. In each parameter to draw the scheme of measurement, to specify device type, to explain a measurement order.

According to basic data an operating mode of the compound channel – 2prok. Relative level of transfer – 0db (0np). Relative level of reception – 7db (-8np). Residual attenuation – 7db (8np). It is used for open telecommunication.

Measurements of OZ are performed at a frequency 800gts (102gts in the mode 4 of Pr Ok on a method of a difference of levels. As measuring devices use or the built-in generator and the measuring instrument of level of the channel-forming equipment, or measuring generators and measuring instruments of level of sets of P-321,P-321M, P-322, P-32

Noise are one of the important parameters characterizing quality of the channel. The Psofometrichesky tension of noise is called the valid value tension of true tone with a frequency 800gts which disturbing impact on TLF transfer is equivalent to the disturbing impact of noise in all of channel strips.

Measurements of ChH OZ are carried out on a method of a difference of levels either in manual, or in a semi-automatic way. For semi-automatic measurement of ChH OZ the measuring P-326-1 generator and the ChH P-326-3 indicator which is switched on at the channel exit serves. For the purpose of documenting of results of measurements it is possible to connect the recording N-32 device to the ChH indicator Similar opportunities has the measuring P-323-IZVZ device.

Norms on the amplitude characteristic are set on the simple canal. At increase of level on a channel entrance in relation to nominal on 5db residual attenuation has to remain constant with an accuracy 3db. For the compound channel including n of simple channels, norms increase by all rejections of the amplitude characteristic in n of times. 3db*2=6db.