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The quantity and quality of a gluten – promotes reduction of a form, drawing, porosity of a crumb of finished products, and to dough gives elasticity and elasticity. Elastic dough is formed does not stick to hands and a testodelitel, the flour from a strong gluten is appreciated.

Rounding of pieces of dough is applied in production of white podovy bread, bakeries and rich products. It is possible to round pieces of dough in the manual. However, for this purpose use special cars – okruglitel.

The mass of a piece of dough at the exit from a divider has to provide the standard mass of a product 220. On average the mass of a piece of dough has to be 10 - 12% more than the cooled-down product as in the course of pastries and storage the mass of dough and bread decreases.

The plate with the pressed flour is lowered obliquely in a vessel with water of room t and kept in water in inclined situation until allocation of bubbles stops. Then the plate is taken out dry a little and define color of a flour: limits of the section are not present, a flour of one grade; if the limit of the section is the flour of different grades means.

Besides, rounding improves porosity of products and a condition of their surface. The dough blanket condensed when rounding well detains gases in preparation. Dough of a weak consistence is smeared and sticks to a surface of an okruglitel.

The preliminary rasstoyka is an otlezhka of the rounded pieces within 5 – 10 min. The preliminary rasstoyka is applied only in production of bakeries and rich products. In the course of a preliminary rasstoyka the structure of a gluten broken at division and rounding of dough is restored. Restoration of a kleykovinny framework improves porosity and the volume of finished products increases. The preliminary rasstoyka of the rounded slices of dough can be made on a finishing table, the tape conveyor, the ladle conveyor or in special conveyor cases.

Before start-up in production check quality of a flour, podsortirovyvat and sift. The flour possesses different properties therefore before start-up in production make to a flour roll – mixing of the same grade of a flour, but with different baking properties. Value are shaky:

Gluten – flour albumens which at a batch of dough absorb water. There is a property of a flour which promotes fermentation of dough, paint a crust of finished products, provide a form of products and such group of properties of a flour is called baking.

The significant contribution to creation of the testorazdelochny and forming equipment was brought by V.V.Komarov and V. A. Kolesnikov who developed the delitelno-forming car for steering-wheels and sushka. Designers of Ukrniiprodmash developed the forming car for baranochny products working at new, more effective principle.

The support is prepared from 45 – 60% of a flour, the most part of water and all amount of the yeast relying on a compounding. If on a bakery there is at the same time strong and weak flour, strong take on a support batch, and weak on dough as it ferments not for long and the gluten will be weakened to a lesser extent.

Sugar is applied to a dough batch in the dissolved look. For the rich products having low humidity and high content of sugar add usually dry sugar to dough. In this case it is sifted via machines. Solution granulated sugar is dissolved in a flank with a mixer and the filter. Solution of sugar has to have a certain and constant density and temperature.

Rasstoyka will be seen off at a usual temperature and humidity of air, pieces of dough thus dry up from a surface a little that positively influences process of formation of preparations (reduces sticking of dough to rolls of the testozakatochny car).

Acidity of a flour is defined. On technical scales give 5gr. Torments from average test also pour into a conic flask with a capacity of 100 – 150ml. Measure the measured cylinder 50 ml. the distilled water also flow to a flour gradually at agitation before disappearance of lumps. Add 5 drops of 1% spirit solution of a fenolortalen to mix and titrut it decinormal NaOH solution to brightly – a pink color, not disappearing within 1 min. Acidity is determined by a formula: X = 2AK; where 2 – constant coefficient; To – constant coefficient; And – amount of solution.