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When nectar of one species of a plant is a part of honey, honey call monoflerny and if nectar is built from flowers of different types of plants – poliflerny honey. The first meets very seldom. Honey belonging to a certain grade is determined by physical properties of the nectar entering honey.

The special look at honey faltsifitsirovanny by means of an inventirovannogosakhar and at padevy, containing a large number of a melitsitoza, - such honey lasts not breaking off thin threads, and at natural flower honey the lasting threads at the known moment is broken off. Air and gases which are in it has impact on density of honey.

Lime honey – the most vysokokachetsvenny grade of honey. Possesses aroma of a linden, sweet, pale yellow color. Contains 39,27% of fructose and 36,05% of glucose, at honey nutritious and medicinal properties are strongly expressed Possesses atnibakterialny properties on the relation of grams positive and gram of negative bacteria, and also contains the volatiles possessing antimicrobic action. Renders expectorant, slightly laxative, the warm strengthening action.