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All this creates for the child real difficulties in training. They are expressed that children with asthenic states despite the lack of local speech frustration, experience difficulties in the course of mastering reading, the letter and account.

Problem of the organization of the training which is most considering distinctions in development and abilities of the pupil - one of the sharpest in the theory of pedagogics and practice of school. Experience shows that despite great attention which is paid to improvement of the content of education, of unloading of school programs, to equipment of offices modern equipment, to improvement of working conditions of teachers to teach all and to learn well at the existing, traditional creation of educational process it is impossible.

At part of children with asteniye the condition of fatigue is observed. They get up neotodkhnuvshy, without feeling of cheerfulness, with a slight headache. Sometimes these children complain of heartaches, violations in activity of a digestive tract, slackness, an indisposition, joint pains, etc.

Pupils with a delay of mental development quickly get tired, working capacity them falls, and sometimes they simply cease to carry out the begun activity. These and some other features say that the underdevelopment of mental processes is found in children of group.

In delay of rate of mental development of these children the significant role belongs to the resistant adynamy reducing not only the general, but also a mental tone. Quite often takes place and a delay of emotional development – the somatogenic infantility caused by a number of neurotic stratifications – uncertainty, the timidity, a capriciousness connected with feeling of the physical inferiority, and sometimes induced and the mode of certain restrictions and a ban in which there is somatic a weakened child.

Development of effective means of an individualization is important for all links of school, but it is especially actual for system of elementary education where the foundation for school progress is laid, the main stereotypes of educational activity are formed, the relation to educational work is brought up.

The big public alarm is caused today by the extremely adverse situation in school of children who, having hardly crossed a school threshold, get to category of the lagging behind. Lag of children in the doctrine already at the initial stage of their training appears one of the main reasons of low pedagogical, social and economic efficiency of school education.

Children with the weakened process have braking a bit different picture. They meet less often, but will considerably be allocated from lump. They quickly react to all events, answer and act thoughtlessly.

It should be noted that for children with ZPR concreteness of thinking, weakness of the regulating thinking role, its noncriticality is characteristic. Some children cannot doubt correctness of the, just arisen assumptions. They seldom notice the mistakes.